The upcoming Fourth of July celebrations have me thinking about today’s pioneers in home ownership: First-time Buyers. It is certainly an event worthy of celebration. It is also worth honoring the bravery it takes to enter a market after the turmoil in the mortgage and real estate markets.

As a mother, I can’t help but see the similarity of buying your first home and the miracle of birth. When I was pregnant, my world stopped and re-centered around the miraculous event of my babies birth. This coincided with the perspective that everyday, all over the world, other mothers were giving birth. I was comforted to know that this was somewhat ordinary, despite how big the emotions felt. It is similar for new home owners. You find that first house and the thought of it can keep you up at night and fill your days with wonder of the life yet to be lived inside. There is also always a bit of fear in all of life’s big events. It is comforting to realize that others have gone through the process and settled comfortably into life as homeowners.

Beyond this sense of belonging to a larger movement, there are other ways to feel brave during the transaction. The more you know about the process, the less trepidation you are likely to feel. There is a lot of advice on the web on how to buy your first home. Much of it is useful. But remember, too much of information can be overwhelming. It is difficult to sift out the essential nuggets that pertain best to your local market. Even real estate agents, after obtaining their license and fulfilling the educational requirements, realize that what they learned in the book does not directly translate to the day-to-day practice. As a first-time home buyer, the only way gain the benefit of true market knowledge is to align your self with a trusted advocate, your Realtor. A good Realtor will walk you through the process and focus your concentration on the areas most crucial to your goals.

Beyond the insight gained by the self-taught and the well-represented, owning a home takes a leap of faith. Homes are intricate and complicated investments. Even with good advice, it is impossible to know everything that will be involved in the future stewardship of a home at the onset. The adventure of home ownership is not for everyone. This post is not about pushing anyone off the proverbial fence. For those who feel ready, be brave. A rare combination of low prices and historically low interest rates make it a good time to buy. Expert Realtors at Berkeley Hills Realty are waiting to help you. Check out our Agent Profiles to find your advocate.