Architectural Styles

Architecture affects the use and enjoyment of a home and can also directly impact the strength of the underlying structure.  In addition, good architecture can create value through style, charm and character.  For home sellers, the more you know about your home’s architectural style, the more effectively you can market your property.

For home buyers, knowing the details of good design can help you develop an eye for enduring value.  By remaining sensitive to their home’s intrinsic style, nearly every homeowner can maximize the value of home improvements.

For a quick course in architecture styles, take a tour around the East Bay. You’ll see classic examples of Craftsman, Italianate and Tudor homes, bungalows ranging from Spanish Revival stucco to post-Victorian Queen Anne, and just about everything in between.

More recent influences include classic Ranches, Mid-century Modern and Contemporary homes.  Notable Bay Area architects include: Julia Morgan, Bernard Maybeck, Walter H. Ratcliff, Jr., John Hudson Thomas, Roger Lee, William Wurster and Albert Farr.

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