Checklist For Moving

Moving takes lots of time and energy, and can be a stressful experience. Good planning helps. Try to relax and enjoy the adventure. Please remember to call your Berkeley Hills Realty agent if you need moving resources or a reference to a reputable service professional.

Six Weeks before Moving:

  • Inventory everything to be moved.
  • Collect everything not to be moved for garage sale or charity.
  • Contact moving companies for estimates.
  • Get cartons and packing materials to start packing.
  • Check with employer to find out what moving expenses they will pay.
  • Arrange a babysitter and/or pet sitter for moving day.

Four Weeks before Moving:

  • Give address change to charge accounts, credit cards, magazine subscriptions, friends and relatives.
  • Notify insurance company of new location for coverages; Life, Health, Fire and Auto.
  • Check with doctors and dentist for all family records and prescriptions.
  • Get children’s school records.
  • Check with veterinarian for pet records and immunizations.
  • Contact utility companies for refunds of deposits and change of service.
  ATT PG&E Water Garbage Cable TV
Albany 800-310-2355 800-743-5000 866-403-2683
(Waste Mngmnt of Alameda Co.)
Relocating to Berkeley
800-310-2355 800-743-5000 866-403-2683
(Berkeley Finance Dept., Billing Unit)
El Cerrito 800-310-2355 800-743-5000 866-403-2683
(East Bay Sanitary)
Kensington 800-310-2355 800-743-5000 866-403-2683
(Bay View Refuse)
Oakland 800-310-2355 800-743-5000 866-403-2683
(Waste Mngmnt of Alameda Co.)
Piedmont 800-310-2355 800-743-5000 866-403-2683
(Waste Mngmnt of Alameda Co.)
Richmond 800-310-2355 800-743-5000 866-403-2683
262-1600 800-COMCAST
  • Collect everything you have loaned out; return everything you have borrowed.
  • Service power mowers, boats, etc., that are to be moved. Drain all gas/oil from engines to prevent fires.
  • Put all jewelry and other valuables in a safe deposit box or other safe place to prevent loss during move.
  • Give away or arrange transportation of house plants. (Some moving companies will not move plants.)
  • Use up extra pantry items and frozen foods rather than moving them.

One Week before Moving

  • Transfer or close checking and savings accounts.
  • Have automobile serviced for trip.
  • Plan for special travel needs of infants, children and pets.
  • Fill out Post Office change of address forms:
  • Check and inventory all furniture for dents and scratches; notify moving company of your inventory and compare on final day.
  • Dispose of all combustibles, spray cans, house paint and batteries:
  • Alameda County;
  • Contra Costa County;
  • Pack a separate carton of cleaning utensils and tools (screwdriver, hammer, wrench, etc.)
  • Separate cartons and luggage you will need for personal/family travel.
  • Have an ice chest ready to hold food from the refrigerator on moving day.
  • Mark all boxes that you pack with the room they will go to in the new home.
  • Cancel all newspapers, garden service, etc.

Moving Day

  • Plan to be at home for the entire moving day. Before the truck leaves, make sure everything is out of the house.
  • Tell packers and/or driver about fragile or precious items.
  • Double-check with driver to make certain moving company records show the proper address of your new house, and verify the scheduled delivery date.
  • Give the driver your cell phone number in case of a problem.
  • Carry enough cash or travelers checks to cover cost of moving services and expenses until you make your banking connections in the new city.
  • Carry jewelry and documents yourself, or use registered mail.
  • Double-check closets, drawers and shelves to be sure they are empty. Clean refrigerator and broom sweep any debris in preparation for new occupant.
  • Lock all the doors and windows. Leave old keys needed by new tenant or owner with Realtor or neighbor.

At Your New Address

  • Check pilot light on stove water heater, incinerator, and furnace.
  • Check on service of telephone, gas, electricity, and water.
  • Apply for state driver’s license/or have new address recorded on driver’s license.
  • Register car within five days after arrival in state, or a penalty may have to be paid when getting new license plates.
  • Register to vote:
  • Register children in school.
  • Arrange for medical services: doctor, dentist, etc.
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