East Bay Sees Summer Seasonal Slowdown

“Into each life a little rain must fall” Longfellow reminds us, but also into each hot housing market, a little price decline and an increase in days on market must occur. And so it is, that according to real time real estate market data company, Altos Research, the Oakland and Berkeley real estate markets are in a summer slowdown with the average days on the market rising and prices falling. Read More

Why Staging Makes Sense In Selling Your East Bay Home

When you are considering putting your home for sale in the hot market we are currently experiencing in the East Bay, you may think that all you have to do is sweep the floors, take out the trash and put a For Sale sign in your front yard to get offers on your home. Wait long enough, and you may, but will it be an offer at the best price you could have gotten for your home? With our decades of experience in this market, we say “no”. Read More

The Best Wine Tasting in The East Bay

One of the most unique and tantalizing aspects of living in the East Bay is enjoying the abundance of regional, seasonal and artisanal cuisine and the WINE that so easily pairs with this bounty of creativity from local chefs.  Although, not Napa Valley or even the up and coming Livermore Valley, you don’t need to travel very far to enjoy world-class wines from the area-especially during the warm summer months. Read More

East Bay July Events Calendar

What says summer in the East Bay more than the fireworks and Independence Day celebrations near the bay! Read on for some fun ways to celebrate the birth of our nation AND a good old fashioned county fair and opportunities for family fun. Berkeley Hills Realty wishes you and your family a very safe and fun Independence Day! Read More

Saving Bees in the East Bay

Do you enjoy gardening? Do you enjoy having bees around to help pollinate your plants? The very mild weather we enjoy in the East Bay makes our region perfect for a garden of flowers or plants that can help our local bee population. Pollinator bees, in general, have been on the decline due to a variety of environmental impacts including pesticides, changing climate, habitat loss and mites. You can help with your garden. Really! Read More

Berkeley/Oakland Real Estate Market Update

    The hot 2017 spring market is starting to see some cooling in the upper echelons of price in some East Bay cities and according to real time data provider, Altos Research, a slight rise in days on the market for both Oakland and Berkeley and a rise in inventory for the market overall. Read More

A Bungalow as Unique as You…

East meets West in a renovation that weaves artful living into the fabric of our daily lives. Owner architect, Jon Alff spent years interviewing India’s architects, native designers and craft builders. Doing so left him with a unique design sense, incorporating modern and traditional themes in a collage of color, space and form. He and his wife Amelia (who’s of Spanish origin and has a passion for cooking and gardening) have transformed a simple 1920s house into a surprisingly fresh and contemporary living environment. Read More

Discover Berkeley’s Oceanview and the Gilman District

Oceanview, located in the Northwest corner of Berkeley is named for its Pacific Ocean and Golden Gate views and well-known for the manicured promenade of upscale home décor, clothing and boutique shops along Fourth Street. It also hosts Berkeley’s latest development success story with the revitalization of the affectionately named Gilman District. Growing from its rich history of welcoming both artists and industry, the stretch along Gilman Street from the freeway to San Pablo Avenue has transformed into a retail hub with stores such as Philz Coffee, Read More

Things To Do In Oakland/Berkeley June 2017

    One of the best aspects of summer in the East Bay is the variety of outdoor festival and events happening around the region celebrating food, music, art, wine, beer and the season. Here are a few Berkeley Hills Realty suggests to get your summer started out with fun in the sun and a chance to engage with your family and the community. Read More
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