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R.H., buyer and estate lawyer

Most people will, in the course of their lives, purchase or sell just a very few houses. In my own case, I’ve only purchased one for myself, but in my role as a probate, trust and estates lawyer, I've dealt with the sales of dozens of homes. Most of the time, the families ask me to recommend a real estate company to assist in the very difficult and personal process of selling a family home — a home where they may have grown up, a home in which the family may have lived for many decades. If the home is in Albany, Berkeley, El Cerrito, Kensington, Richmond, Piedmont or Oakland, my recommendation without exception is Berkeley Hills Realty. Not only do the agents and brokers at Berkeley Hills Realty perform their work at the very highest professional standards, they do so while remembering what it means that their clients are selling not just a parcel of property, but a home. I closely monitor these transactions on behalf of my client, and in every single case, I've come away terribly impressed by the quality of work I've witnessed.

R.E., repeat seller

We are so very pleased with all the work Berkeley Hills Realty has done on our behalf. The renovations, staging, the rendering, the photographs, the brochure, the listing — all completed to a very high standard, with much thoughtfulness and attention to detail; all enhancing this asset which we have held now in the family for four generations. It is an easy conclusion to reach: You have done an outstanding job on our behalf.

R.B., buyer

Successfully purchasing a home as a first-time buyer in a challenging market such as Berkeley required even more than an excellent agent. It also required the support of the Berkeley Hills staff. Thank you to Berkeley Hills Realty for a job well done. Your firm’s level of professionalism should the source of considerable pride.

M.S., repeat buyer and seller

As a buyer and seller in numerous transactions over the past seven years, I am delighted to share my experience. Berkeley Hills Realty is a firm that values integrity. The quality of personalized service and the level of commitment have been consistent throughout each transaction and over many years. Berkeley Hills Realty traditionally has personalized service beyond compare. It is truly a gem in today’s real estate marketplace.