Real Estate today, like the Beckett Play, Waiting for Godot, is an existential revelation in the waiting. Everyone seems to be looking for a shoe that fits. Many economists put on their thinking hats, but the resulting dialogue is unclear. Statistics do not provide clear trends still vary wildly by location and price range.

In the Beckett play, two acts of waiting (while nothing happens) are broken up by the land owner, who passes through the scene providing entertainment, if not insight, for the main characters Vladimir and Estragon. The landowner is accompanied by “Lucky”, whom he drives like a slave in Act 1. In Act 2, Lucky leads the now-blind man. In 2007, Act 1 of the real estate market, buyers were whipped into a frenzy and prices reached extremes. Now, Act II of Bay Area real estate, we trail blindly waiting for the new market to emerge and lead us. I am waiting for Act 3, in which we all adopt a pose and get zen. Decide what your own real estate goals are and then talk to a competent professional about how to achieve them, neither waiting by the roadside or chasing luck.