Listing Packet

Click Here for What is Required in Your Disclosure Packet

Required Listing forms on Zipforms

  1. Additional Agent Acknowledgement— AAA (when 2 BHR agents are involved.)
  2. Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure — AVID
  3. Disclosure (1) Regarding RE Relationship (Listing Firm to Seller) — AD-1
  4. Lead-Based Paint and Lead-Based Paint Hazards — FLD (houses pre-1978)
  5. Market Conditions Advisory — MCA
  6. Possible Representation of More Than one Buyer of Seller — PRBS
  7. Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement — TDS (if not exempt, like in a trust.)
  8. Residential List. Agrmt. — Exclusive — RLA
  9. Seller Counter Offer — SCO (only if countering an offer.)
  10. Seller Instruction to Exclude Listing from the Multiple Listing Service — SELM (if applicable.)
  11. Seller Property Questionnaire — SPQ
  12. Seller’s Affidavit of Nonforeign Status and/or California Withholding Exemption — AS (*no social security numbers to be filled in)
  13. Statewide Buyer and Seller Advisory — SBSA
  14. Water Conserving Plumbing Fixtures and Carbon Monoxide Detector Notice
  15. Water Heater and Smoke Detector Statement of Compliance — WHSD (if no TDS is required, for example in a Trust Sale)
  16. Verification of Property Condition— VP (once Buyer completes verification.)

Required Listing forms Not on Zipforms

  1. Alameda or Contra Costa Disclosures and Disclaimers Advisory (Temporary Password is: 2015OBARREALTOR)
  2. East Bay Purchase Agreement Addendum (Temporary Password is: 2015OBARREALTOR)
  3. Receipt for Combined Hazards
  4. Residential Earthquake Hazards Report
  5. Terms of Sale (for file when in contract)
  6. Ad Review Tour Input Form
  7. Receipt for Documents (link to fillable form, see below for print only version)
  8. Transaction Notes (or saved emails for file)
  9. Supplement to Lead-Based Paint Disclosure BHR (houses pre-1978)
  10. B.E.S.O. Ordinance (Berkeley Only)
  11. Community Matters- HOA Document (If property is included in a HOA)
  12. Squatting Scam Advisory
  13. Pre-Inspection Agreement (if applicable)

Required forms for Staff

  1. New Listing Information Sheet
  2. Calendar of New Listings
  3. Paragon Profile Sheet for Single Family and Condo
  4. Paragon Profile Sheet Residential Income 1-4
  5. Paragon Profile Sheet Lots and Land
  6. Residential Listing Input Form
  7. Disclosure Package Review Checklist

Links to Required Booklets

Combined Hazard Booklet Link

  1. “Protect your Family from Lead” pamphlet 
  2. “Renovate Right” guide
  3. “Homeowner Guide to Earthquake Safety” with “Natural Gas Safety and Shutoff Valve Information”
  4. “Residential Environmental Hazards” and “Mold Disclosure”
  5. “Home Energy Rating System (HERS)” booklet
  6. “Home Buyer’s Energy Efficiency Checklist”

All Listing forms (In alphabetical order)

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