Tonight’s excitement: I am representing buyers in the purchase of a home at the end of my street. 9:18 p.m. the buyer informs me that he has been to the property and noticed some suspicious things; a previously locked gas meter hatch is now open, there are some triangular glass cuts near a kitchen window lock, and a bedroom closet window is left ajar. I immediately call the police. Responsive men-in-blue arrive in minutes and I hand over keys to the property. I stand back, way back (more like several houses back), until they confirm that the coast is clear. Then, I take inventory while they dust for prints. Nothing appears taken, no proof of bad guys inside the house… so the incident is just reported as a “suspicious event.” No harm, but a bit of adrenaline pumping anyhow.

Break-ins at vacant listings are on the Realtor radar as a growing concern. Best tip of the day: The officers recommended that real estate agents visit the station and register the address of any home that is not occupied. You can also leave a key at the station, but this is not required. This helps them keep an active look out for suspicious activity. Tomorrow I plan to do this for all my listings. This service is also available to any vacationing or otherwise absent resident. Be safe and let’s all look out for each other.