Berkeley Hills Realty is proud to announce the addition of Lisa Hedrick to our real estate team. Lisa brings many years of investment property expertise to our brokerage, and we welcome her passion for helping buyers and sellers in Berkeley and the East Bay area.


Lisa began her real estate career in San Francisco in 1999 with a flip of investment property. She has successfully purchased, renovated and sold residential and commercial real estate in the Bay Area. Lisa obtained her broker license in 2006 and worked as an independent Broker/Owner with distressed property sales for ten years. She moved into residential home sales recently and accepted the invitation to join Berkeley Hills Realty.


With dozens of transactions behind her, Lisa has found that her innate instincts in negotiations, as well as her passion for working with her clients is why she loves being in real estate. Lisa fell in love with houses and architectural design while looking at houses as a child with her mother. She feels the history and energy each house has is unique, and feels like houses speak to her. Lisa believes it is important to match each buyer with the correct house – exceeding the specifications and style/location match to create a partnership.


Lisa found an opportunity in distressed sales during the recession, performing valuations for the banks. To date, she has completed over 135,000 valuations for corporate clients in the last 11 years. With her extensive background in dealing with the foreclosure crisis in San Francisco, Lisa has a strong knowledge of real estate law, rent control and stabilization and is familiar with commercial property management and valuation. During the time she worked with bank owned properties, she also became intimately familiar with the people who were affected by the crisis. Many of those affected had addiction problems. “I was a patient advocate for addiction treatment. I worked with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom to help create a program that serves hundreds of addicts to this day – 10 years later, and worked as a patient advocate consultant (volunteer) with the SF Department of Public Health”, Lisa shares about her community work.


Lisa says her strengths are integrity, loyalty, organization, dedication and discipline. She goes hard for her clients and gets the deal done. WIth her extensive investment background, she excels in creative negotiation and gaining the upper hand at the negotiation stage.


“My philosophy is to assist my clients in a sound financial decision that will aid them for years to come,” Lisa states.  “I guide clients through the intimidating and daunting process of buying in a seller’s market, and can assist them in the very detail oriented process of buying a property that needs repair or is income producing, which requires an agent with more than basic knowledge in traditional residential sales”.


Lisa has a keen creative eye and can envision the potential of a property, often times when others can not. This same eye for potential allows Lisa to help sellers showcase their property in a way that appeals to buyers. Her background in valuations greatly assists her in pricing, as she is intimately familiar with the area’s ever changing micro-markets.


As a resident of Berkeley since 2000, Lisa is looking forward to working in a team environment at Berkeley Hills Realty, lending knowledge and support to the other agents and gaining from their expertise, as well.


You may find Lisa enjoying the outdoor life of Berkeley, as she enjoys running, jogging, and hiking as well as enjoying the local art, music and poetry scene. She knows that a balanced life is a good life and focuses on constant evolution, personal growth, enjoys wellness and natural medicine.
“I have continually adapted as the market changed and found new ways to promote my business and evolve as a real estate professional. The market has changed and I am ready for a change as well, so here I am in residential real estate and happy to be at Berkeley Hills Realty. Life changes; we must, as well.”