There are so many nuances in real estate, that we are trying to concentrate on one area in this blog in order to do it the most justice possible: Community. We are in the business of real estate, and the very lifeblood of that business is the Community. The first three most important factors influencing a home’s value are; location, location, location. Everyone has heard this but few people realize they have the power to increase the value of their home through the merrrits of its location. Reach out to your neighbors, create a community. It will increase the desireability of your home and it feels pretty darn good. O.K, this idea does not create the immediate panache that a flashy remodel can, but it can be less expensive, more fun and immortalize you through your deeds. It can be something small like a neighborhood watch group reducing crime, or Everything you do to reach out to your neighbors does something. It may not be a quantifiable increase in your home’s value but it does something. neighborhood watch programs reduce crime, neighborhoods that rally together around earthquake preparedness will do better when the big one hits. Even yearly block parties get people looking after each other. These are small ideas, but even bigger change is possible. Some neighborhoods get together to set up community gardens, and the most ambitious advocates get involved in the very structure of urban planning. Grouping your voices together may result in more community resources being directed toward your neighborhood. Neighbors banding together can accomplish local traffic calming changes, organize neighborhood beautification projects and even work towards new community resouces such as parks and libraries. Check with your local jurisdiction to see if they offer incentives for neighborhood earthquake preparedness. Some offer free CPR classes or rewards for the most organized.