Fire Season Is Underway – Resources to Protect Your Home and Loved Ones in the East Bay

East Bay residents are still reeling from a horrific wildfire season where since the beginning of the year, there have been over 8,100 wildfires which have burned well over 3.8 million acres in California. Everyone is now very familiar with the term AQI and most likely have personal photos of orange skies and red sunsets. Read More

Adding Value to Your East Bay Home And Helping The Housing Crunch

As you know, the East Bay is dealing with a lack of available housing and plans for high rise developments in the downtown areas of Oakland and other East Bay cities will only slightly be able to alleviate the need. Opportunities for individual homeowners to build ADU (accessory dwelling units) on their properties is gaining popularity as a way to increase the “infill” housing stock AND as an avenue for homeowners to create a passive income stream, add to the value of their homes right in their own backyards and create lifestyle flexibility. Read More

Strategies for Dealing With Selling Your House During A Divorce

We all know that a divorce is an emotionally draining process and it can be a financial mess if a couple owns a home and makes mistakes when trying to sell it. During the past 20 years of being in business as a brokerage, we have worked with many couples going through a divorce and have learned a few valuable lessons along the way to share with anyone searching for advice. Read More

Fire Insurance Threatened In Berkeley Hills

As we head into October, thoughts turn to another anniversary of the Berkeley Hills firestorm of 1991. Did you know that another conflagration consumed over 584 homes in the Berkeley Hills during a blaze that started on September 17, 1923 and originated in Wildcat Canyon? Read More

Empty Nesting in the East Bay

When Back to School Gets Personal (The Owner of a Real Estate Company Contemplates an Empty Nest)   It’s September and it’s that time when kids are going back to school. After over twenty years of coaching homeowners through the options of empty nesting, this year feels personal.  As mom of a sophomore student/athlete, we are already looking at colleges. With a kid who was born mature beyond her years, I expected this. What I didn’t imagine was how this reality has accelerated conversations with my husband about our own future as empty-nesters. Read More

East Bay Housing Market Softens – Should You Sell Now?

After the longest economic expansion on record, there are signs that the economy is shifting and the housing market in the East Bay is softening. Data from Altos Research, who tracks the real estate market in real time, showed homes over $1.3 million are sitting on the market longer and more inventory in the upper price range is appearing on the market. The Federal Reserve lowered the interest rates last week for the first time in ten years making home financing more affordable.  Trade wars are impacting the availability and pricing of construction building materials for homes across the country. Is this the time to sell or hang on until the spring 2020 market? Read More

How Does A Design Renovation Affect Your Listing Price?

You walk into your parents East Bay home and have decided with them that now is the time to sell. You may be thinking the parquet floors, oak bannister, olive colored bathroom fixtures and worn carpets won’t show well when it comes time to list. You may be thinking, ‘What should I do to renovate the rooms to get the most value when I list the home?’ Read More

Rightsize Your Lifestyle By Downsizing Your East Bay Home

Is now the time to consider downsizing (or rightsizing) from a large home to a smaller home? Do you have rooms in your home that you have not seen in months because it’s just the two of you left since the kids moved out? Is now the time to get that beach home or move closer to a walkable lifestyle?  Are you considering a simpler life? Minimalism is a goal for many who wish for a more meaningful existence with less stress. Is now the time to say goodbye to a large garden, extra square footage and looming house repairs? Read More

Will IPO Boom Affect East Bay Real Estate Market?

You may have recently read the New York Times or watched the local news, proclaiming “The IPOs are coming, the IPOs are coming!” with dire predictions that home prices in San Francisco and then the East Bay could jump by 50% with thousands of newly minted millionaires ready to pay cash for San Francisco condos and luxury homes in suburban neighborhoods. Read More
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