Today, Berkeley Hills Realty agents and staff are hacking

Berkeley Hills co-owner Tracy Sichterman’s blog to wish her a very Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Tracy!

What’s so great about Tracy Sichterman?
Here’s what BHR agents and staff have to say:


“I can’t sum her up in just One Good Thing. Tracy has an infectious energy and excitement for her work, and is the curator of the coolest shoe collection in real estate.”
Rebecca Nemeth

“Thoughts About Tracy:
She is so smart, yet so kind and considerate… a very nice combination.
She is so successful, yet so modest and humble… a very nice combination.
She is so inspiring, yet so supportive and encouraging… a very nice combination.
She is the key to the entire office, no combination required!”
Tom Knight

“Great source for info! My go-to tech girl!”
Terese Ashman

“Happy Birthday Tracy.
Among the many things I admire about you is your positive attitude and the great ability of always being able to say good things about everyone.”
Maya Trilling

“Tracy is wonderful because she is the most generous, truly optimistic person I have ever met. She glows with the energy of an overachiever that has made it and wants to share it all with the world!
Happy Birthday to the best “boss” a person could have!”
Carina Stanley, Office Manager

“Happy birthday to one inspirational, hard- working, sophisticated, unselfish, and classy bike-riding emotional creature. May your year be full of love, laughter,
and a great cocktail. Cheers!”
Krista Miller

“Happy Birthday Tracy. It has been a pleasure working with you for the last 1.5 year. You are not only a beautiful person but also a fabulous supportive person in the office to us all. I am amazed at how much you do for everyone. Thanks for being you.” Xoxo,
Mamood Mokhtari

“Tracy: The best great thing about Tracy is Tracy. Top to bottom, a complete package! And inside too!”
Nancy Mueller

“One great thing about Tracy Sichterman is her infectious gracious smile and her kindness to all who come her way…”
Happy Birthday from
Feri Niroomand & Negar Souza

“Tracy is very whole. And by that I mean that she very naturally possesses abilities (qualities) that are a tricky balance in one person. She is kind but has boundaries, smart but accessible, careful but willing to take risks, energetic and optimistic but not crazy (I think!). And most of all for me anyway, she is a really positive force, always. She is encouraging, substantive, always available and yet not judgemental. I am sure she must have privately had some dark moments in the past year or two given the economy, but bless her heart she turns it into sunshine every time. And it’s real, the kind that warms you and gets you through.”
Romney O’Connell

Happy Birthday, Tracy!

Thank you for making Berkeley Hills Realty such an amazing place to work!


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