Earth Day should be every day, as it pertains to the day to day, moment by moment actions each of us takes as we move about our homes, businesses and natural environment. As one of the bright spots in the world for sustainable awareness, residents of Berkeley and the Greater SF Bay Area have an acute social consciousness about how their actions may impact the environment. As a designated Green Business by the City of Berkeley,  Berkeley Hills Realty takes every step that we can to ensure that our footprint is mitigated as much as possible. How?

  1. Some of us are NAR Green certified.  This means we went through specialized training by the National Association of Realtors to understand all the ways we can help our clients be as energy efficient and sustainable as possible.
  2. We are a certified Green Business with the City of Berkeley. The program certifies and promotes businesses that have met rigorous standards of environmental performance.
  3. Our office, by using cloud technology, is almost paperless. By using a cloud transaction management platform, not only have we cut paper waste, but have increased the transparency of the real estate transaction for our client. Each of our clients has the ability to view all of the transaction documents on the cloud at any time they choose. (We are happy to show you how efficient we are in our transactions!)
  4. We recycle, use eco-friendly cleaners and even hold E-Waste drop off days during the year to help our neighbors.
  5. Our website has links to dozens of resources for homeowners and businesses to “go green”, too.
  6. Being located right on Solano Avenue gives our staff and fellow Realtors a chance to stay out of their cars as the walkability of the neighborhood is fantastic. We are surrounded with great restaurants, cafes and small shops.

When working with home sellers, oftentimes, we will point out ways to make the home more energy efficient to increase the value of the home. We also lend our advice to new homebuyers, so they can realize the cost savings of such things as LED lighting, insulation, energy efficient appliances, and more.

We also work with our clients to look at aspects of the area to help them reduce their carbon footprint such as the walkability of the neighborhood, how close they are to public transportation such as BART and buses, and farmers markets and stores that sell locally grown food.

Here are some great resources to help you Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!


PG&E Resources  City Resources:
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PG&E Energy Saving Resources Berkeley
PG&E Energy Saving Calculators El Cerrito
Energy Star Oakland Recycles
H2ouse Water Saver Home

Everyone can make a difference on Earth Day and every day. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our green business goals and how we make “going green” for our clients easy!