‘Tis the season to be grateful and thankful, perhaps more so now than in past years.

In the spirit of the holidays, I asked my fellow Berkeley Hills Realty Realtors to share a few thoughts on what they were grateful for this season. As diverse as our wonderful community is, so were the responses I received. In asking for and in receiving these words of hope and thankfulness, my heart was lifted. If you ask for people to stop and think about what they are grateful for, it creates not just a moment of joy for them, but for the person asking, as it reminds us to be thankful for even the simple things we often take for granted. Thanks to my wonderful team for sharing these moments of #REKindness and thankfulness. Happy Holidays to you all!


Maya Trilling–  I am thankful  this year more than ever for living in Berkeley. A city  with  wonderful caring  people. A complex town that offers so many cultural and outdoor advantages to all ages. Having the best  public university in the world in our midst gives this little town a large audience, platform and name recognition all over the world.


Alexandra Crisafulli  Along with the fine company of many wondrous friends, I am also grateful to be at Berkeley Hills Realty, in the fine company of wondrous Realtors!


Priscilla Homer– I’m grateful for being able to move to the bay area, enjoy everything it has to offer, and have a good hearted company to work for.


Carina Duran – Grateful for caring family and friends, for having more than the basic necessities in life, and being part of a wonderful and generous work family at Berkeley Hills Realty.


Rosie Papazian–  I am grateful for my beautiful, healthy, silly, family and supportive husband who laughs at all my jokes.


Nancy Mueller– I am grateful for my loving family and children, especially.  And my two best daughters-in-law!  (It is probably easier to inherit them in their 30’s than raise them-boys are easy,  but I don’t know.) Think these two have always been wonderful! I am grateful for the sheer beauty of this week.  Rain, sun, clouds, rainbows, clarity in the air.

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Romney O’Connell– I am grateful to have a job that respects my need for flexibility and freedom.  That reassures me that my life is my own.  A “boss” who is smart and kind and gracious and completely human and colleagues I respect and lean on.


Linda Van Couvering– I am very grateful right now to live in this beautiful state.  I love the weather, the natural beauty, right now the golden light on the leaves that are turning;, the abundance of produce, the delicious wine, and the community of its people who are like me and not like me, and that we’re all here together.


Tom Knight– It’s hard to know where to start on the assignment. I am grateful for so many things, mostly the love of family and friends. But here’s one: I am truly grateful the Beatles Abbey Road album, the 16th cut called The End, with the fabulous line: “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” That’s it! There you have it. I am grateful for that line.


Mykah Larkins– This season I am grateful for my Berkeley Hills family who has continued to embrace me through change. I am also grateful for my new great nephews. Love knowing the next generation has arrived- makes me feel old and wise.


Janesta Downey– There are so many things I am thankful for this year … it’s hard to pick one thing… so I declare I am grateful to have a heart that can hold so much  gratitude…


Meoy Gee and Peter Damm– The odds of being born, according to one legend, are the same as if you were to throw a life ring on the open ocean, and at that exact moment, a blind sea tortoise poked its head through the ring. The odds of dying, on the other hand, are 100 percent. Each day in between – since it’s a miracle you’re alive in the first place – should be treated as a blessing.


We are more than grateful to be here, and to have the love and trust of family, friends, clients and colleagues, each of whom is integral to this wonderfully supportive community we are lucky to call HOME. A peaceful, joyful beginning of the holidays to you all!

Berkeley Hills Realty and all of our Realtor team members are proud to give back to the community each year. Below are just some of the charitable ways our team has given back to the East Bay community in 2016 and during the holidays.

Name of Non-Profit/Cause                                                Berkeley Hills Realty Realtor Support

St. Martin de Porres Janesta Downey
Solar Lantern Project Tracy Sichterman
New Story Berkeley Hills Realty
New Story Mykah Larkins
New Story Priscilla Homer
Boys Hope Girls Hope Tom Knight
Contra Costa Food Bank Berkeley Hills Realty
Friends of Oakland Animal Services Carina Duran
Oakland CIty Church Robert
Hillary Clinton Campaign Maya Trilling
ABGSL Tracy Sichterman
BOSS Nancy Mueller
Drawbridge Krista Miller
Beat NB Rosie Papazian
Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program Tracy Sichterman
OBAR Gloria Polanski

Happy Holidays Everyone!